Bilingual Baby and First Aid Training 

Our Every Parent Campaign was set up to make child and baby first aid accessible to all parents and caregivers.

Our innovative, community based bilingual training supports that goal, and strives to breakdown the socio-economic factors of access to basic first-aid skills and information.

About our Bilingual Training

Our bilingual Baby and Child First Aid training sessions are is conducted by a certified educator in your language for your community.

The Parentmedic Movement’s mission is to support and enable parents and carers within vulnerable, remote and English-as-second-language communities to manage their child or babies health when immediate professional or emergency care may be delayed or even unnecessary.

Training attendants will take away the confidence to apply basic first-aid or treatments for common ailments or accidents for their infants.

What Our Training Covers


Infant CPR








Allergies and anaphylaxis



Head injuries and more

Meet our Bilingual Social Franchisees


You can contact one of our certified social franchises by selecting their profile.


Victoria African Community


Victoria Serving African Community


Victoria Serving Arabic Community


Victoria Serving Arabic Community

Women of the World Program


Parentmedic realises there are incredibly skilled Refugee and Migrant women who are passionate about serving their communities. Our Women of the World program leverages these skills and passion to provide helpful and quality education and training to communities that need it.


WOW provides up to 10 migrant and refugee women with a direct pathway to business ownership, by supporting you to trial-run your own Parentmedic health education
micro-franchise for one year.


The program enables you to legally start and run a Parentmedic social micro-franchise while accessing custom designed, business accelerator workshops. The WOW program in conjunction with Parentmedic builds business skills and coaching that breaks down the mindset barriers that come with starting a business.


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